Skin Candy: Synthetic or Essential Oils

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Hello to our Skin Candy friends today I want to go to the aromatherapy realm, and talk about the differences between synthetic fragrances vs. essential oils.  I personally think there is a possibility that synthetic compounds can play a role in many of our health concerns that are not genetically driven.  This is just a thought no supporting evidence will be presented in this blog to validate my assumption.  But I can’t help wonder there aren’t many other people out there that can’t relate to this.
I personally love to use essential oils due to their beneficial health properties.  Usually people are attracted to fragrances because they like the smell, but don’t  realize or care that they are applying a synthetic substances to their body that can contain harmful chemicals.  Now that I’m trying to exercise a healthier lifestyle I like to read labels.  I personally think that we should be mindful of what we apply on our body topically.  Specially when experts stay that 60% of what you apply on your skin goes directly to your blood stream.
Me a woman dealing with fertility can’t help to think  that what I may have been consuming, or applying to my skin could have play a role with my new found health concern.  Specially when there’s no history of fertility problems in my family.  Now a days you see the term PEG’s in many products from skin care, fragrances, and household products. What are PEG’s?  This particular source defines it as follow “This is an abbreviation for polyethylene glycol that is used in making cleansers to dissolve oil and grease as well as thicken products.  Because of their effectiveness, PEG’s are often used in caustic spray-on oven cleaners and yet are found in many personal care products.  PEG’s contribute to stripping the Natural Moisture Factor, leaving the immune system vulnerable.  They are also potentially carcinogenic.” Soure
 That being said I find that using essential oils is the way to go for me because they don’t contain harmful chemical and they naturally derive, smell wonderful, organic, with no man-made additives and, they can be therapeutic.  Many health benefits are attributed to essential oils.  They can help you unless you have develop an intolerable reaction to scent(s)…  Nonetheless, some essential oils can irritate the skin.   However, I find that for me is better to use an essential oil vs. synthetic fragrance.  Compound chemicals that been synthesized or man-made contain many human toxins.  For me natural aroma is the way to go.  What are your thoughts?